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André Alshammar

The military officer who changed his life...

André worked 8 years in the swedish army. This gave him great satisfaction because of his solid mindset torwards structure and order. He also worked as a business manager at Salming, in Stockholm.

A year ago, he got an offer he could not refuse, he took the opportunity to work as an office manager for a Swedish company located in Lisbon.

André and his fiancée made the decision to move to Portugal and have not regretted that decision for one second.

However, the Swedish company got sold and it gave André the opportunity to start the business he was dreaming of since he came to Portugal.

André and his fiancée live in Alcochete, just outside Lisbon. He is 37 years old and speaks Swedish, English, Norwegian, and studies intensively the Portuguese language.

César Reis

The Portuguese who went home...

César was born in Portugal, but decided to test his wings in Sweden, where he stayed for 10 years between 2007 - 2016.

He became one of Stockholm's most requested real estate photographers, thanks to his sense for color, shapes and styles. César was highly appreciated by Stockholms real estate brokers, salesmen and speculators.

However, the home sickness was too big, largely due to the swedish winter. In 2016, he moved back home to his beloved Almada, just outside of Lisbon and to his big family. César is very knowledgeable about all kinds of technology and of what the future has to offer.

César is 38 years old, has a portuguese girlfriend, speaks portuguese, swedish, english and a little french and spanish. He is passionate about helping other Europeans discover his amazing Portugal.

Kai Boström (Senior advisor)

The real estate broker who was going to retire...

Kai has worked as a real estate agent in Stockholm for the last 25 years. He has a solid experience and knows the value of good service from the real estate business and previous jobs, including SAS.

As time went by, the dream to live abroad grew. He made the decision to sell his real estate firm in Stockholm to begin a new life in Portugal, where the sun shines on you almost every day and life becomes easier. Kai has traveled a lot in his life, but has especially enjoyed Portugal because of it's beautiful nature, climate, culture, the portuguese people, the ocean, beaches and it's favorable price level. Kai lives in Alcochete outside of Lisbon and is enjoying everyday in his new country. He is 62 years old, likes food, wine and culture. He have three adult children with families, who all choosed to settle down around in Europe. Kai speaks swedish, english, norwegian, danish and a little french.

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